Innovactory International

We are Innovactory; founded in 2013 by a team of former TomTom employees who were responsible for the development and rollout of TomTom's HD Traffic, IQ Routes and Map Share technology. At Innovactory we are using this knowledge and expertise to develop innovative applications, around a central theme: Smart solutions in the mobility area. We have a full service package, which makes it possible to create and deliver exciting mobility Apps and their supporting systems to the users of our services. It's our goal to deliver these smart mobility solutions to individual travellers to support them during their daily commute, frequent trips and journeys to every destination.

Our current flagship product TimesUpp is after a successfully introduction in the Dutch market being prepared for international rollout. Innovactory has a roadmap to be a part of the autonomous driving eco system. We have developed our own mobility framework, which provides us with a strong foundation to further grow our smart travel assistant TimesUpp. We also make use of it to deliver solutions to several premium customers and brands in the private and public market to achieve their goals.

In a relative small timeframe we have been successful in exploring and delivering products and services. Based on this and making use of our own and our partners networks and experiences we feel quite comfortable to start rolling-out our technology and services internationally. Location-aware content applications will be the future and we think that we're well positioned to deliver them for our users and our customers everywhere around the globe.





  • Alles over verkeerstoepassingen, mobiliteitsoplossingen en parkeeruitdagingen.

  • "Diversiteit aan producten en diensten, goede mogelijkheden tot netwerken en ontmoeten, groot aanbod aan lezingen."

  • "Alles onder één dak, zonder kosten parkeren. Alles keurig geregeld en prettige ontvangst."